It's time to take your knowledge to another level with the Muscle Hydration Technique!
Available now! Open to trainers and fitness enthusiasts!
What if you could add value to your clients lives while enhancing their fitness Experience? 
Now you have a course that will show how to help your clients and yourself get more out of their training while getting and keeping them injury free!

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What People Are saying about this Course!

Great program! Terry and Hunter made me feel safe with their instruction. I truly feel lighter and like I'm carrying way less inflammation! I can't believe I haven't done any of this stuff before! It has saved my body so many times of long lasting pain! I highly recommend it!
Keri- Nashville, Tn.
This program from these guys was both entertaining and never boring. I feel like I have advanced as a trainer more in the 8 hours of this program than in the whole last year! Such a great resource for my own fitness and for my clients. Thanks for a quality course!
Dan- Gym owner and 10 year CPT
Get off the sidelines of injury and muscle tightness with Muscle Hydration Technique!
Are you frustrated that you can't find anything that will help you bust through your strength plateau?
· Get Moving Again!
Our clients implemented the MHT from this course and saw a very clear path to what they want most in out of their training.

· We know you don't have a lot of time.
That is why we created this course. It's simple, straight to the point and it won't break the bank. And you can do it anywhere!

· Sure you might get by without Muscle Hydration Technique.
But why would you want to? If you could learn how to systematically improve your overall muscle strength and range of motion!
The solution is here and it's easier than ever to learn!
This course was built from the years of experience that we have pulled from working with clients and trainers just like you.

We heard time and time again how much they loved MHT and wished they could tell all of their friends and co-workers.

After a lot of consideration and work, we decided that we should make this kind of coaching more accessible and affordable.  And now it's here!
Hey Trainers, it's Worth 8 CEU's!
What you'll learn with our Muscle Hydration Technique Course
We have built a course from our combined 25 years of experience to show you how to increase blood flow through your muscles and how to get built up tension out. We teach you how to do this from the ground up by first treating the feet. Our program is designed to give you the knowledge you need to both self diagnose your imbalances and how to functionally correct them. We've used this technique all over the country and with literally thousands of clients. It works for everybody from the pro athletes and to the weekend workout warriors. You'll truly love what you learn from this course.

I. Muscle release
Use any of the aforementioned release strategies to unlock a locked long or locked short muscle. When doing this it will be important to release all the muscle in the line of muscles that help complete the exercise(s) or movements that cause the pain.

II. Stretch the muscle(s)
Aid the muscle in finding length if it has been locked short.
Increase the body’s ability to bring blood flow to the joints and muscles.
This will improve mobility really quickly

III. Activate
Light exercise to ignite the opposing muscle groups
Doing this will allow the body to hold the muscle release longer.
This will balance out the muscles while simultaneously relieving pain.

VI. Integrate
Using resistance bands, put the affected area to work. 
Make sure the opposing muscles are also used at equal intensity.
Be careful and don’t do too much too fast.
Use balance inducing movements to ensure muscle activation

V. Load
Now you build upon the improvements made by increasing the resistance. 
Start with changing the angle of the movement. 
Second, bring more weight or resistance to the new angle. 
Third, introduce explosive exercise(s) that focus on the opposing muscle groups. 

After you have completed the course we will reach out to you to answer any questions, (and maybe ask a few of our own) to ensure that you feel confident with what MHT has taught you. Along the way there will be some simple homework to do to ensure us that you are truly getting everything possible from the course. And after you are done we will always be available for support! 
So let's get started today!

Meet Your Instructors

Terry Barga
Author, Husband, Father, 16 Yr CPT, Master Trainer, Fitness Business Coach.

I have spent years helping others out of pain and avoid surgery all with using this technique. I've enjoyed teaching other trainers as a 10 year mentor and I love watching people make it to their goals.

Our course has been self tested, time tested and proven true over and over again.
Hunter Ritenour - 10 CPT, Strength coach for pro athletes, Injury Specialist
I've worked with both moms, dads, pro athlete and celebrities and they all have benefitted in some way shape or form from Muscle Hydration Technique. Helping them get stronger and with less pain has been a passion of mine and it never gets old. I absolutely love helping people and that's why I'm excited about this course!

Let's have a blast and learn some cool stuff!
But wait! Here's what else you'll receive with the course!
The TrainOD Mobility guide
A mobility routine that you can give out to your clients, and do yourself. It alone has helped clients out of back pain, knee pain and shoulder immobility. 
The TrainOD Daily Core Routine 
This is an essential handbook for everyone to incorporate into their morning routine to encourage proper alignment and core support!
The E-Course Completion Certificate
Finally you'll receive the completion certificate that let's your clients know and your CPT certifier that you have what it takes to help them become a better athlete!
On top of all of this you get our support! We will take your calls, texts and emails moving forward. We are here for your success!
let's get to work!
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